Our Services

Auto Maintenance & Repair

Have our auto repair company perform all of the major and minor repairs your car needs with the exception of AC work. All of our work done has a warranty and we offer payment plans for more expensive jobs. Vehicles are only returned when balance is paid in full. The title is required as collateral.

Trust our professionals to work on your front and rear brakes, struts, shocks, starter, alternator, water pump, thermostat, CV joins & axles, timing belts & chains. Additionally, we will perform a complete tune-up on your car. Customer purchased parts come with no warranty on installation.

The Auto Parts

D.G. Mobile Auto Repair will install whatever parts you provide us or we can pickup or provide the parts. Please note your parts must be present prior to the mechanics arrival so as not to incur additional fees. All repairs require payment in full prior to repair being started there are no exceptions to this company policy.

Electrical Diagnostics

Our auto repair technicians perform complete vehicle diagnostics. When your check engine light is on for 1996 and newer vehicles we can check diagnose and clear your check engine light. We also perform new and used car inspections for people who wish to purchase a vehicle and want someone to check it out for them. We accompany you to the vehicle and advise you on the vehicle condition prior to the purchase. First two inspection hours from time of arrival are $150.00 all following hours are $50.00 per hour. within the Clarksville TN area, for other locations please call for pricing.

Partial Repairs or Already Apart Vehicles

As company policy vehicles already apart or with parts and or bolts missing require twice the effort and do diligence to ensure a proper and complete repair. Thus we do not offer reduced prices nor allow customers to assist physically with any repair. We professionals in the field assume liability by accepting payment and therefor guarantee the repair in its entirety. So vehicles already apart require twice the usual fee due to the extreme scrutiny required to ensure the proper functionality and complete safety of the occupants and passersby of said vehicle.